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This Ramadan, we invite you to share your brightest light with our children around the world.  May Allah swt reward you for sharing your blessings with our children. Click here to watch a Ramadan message from our founder, Dian.

There are few ways you can give your sadaqah and/or zakat this year: 

1)  Morocco Children: Sponsor one of our girls in our newest and stunning home in Morocco.  You can choose to sponsor just the meal at $30/month or $100/month to cover all expenses including education, clothing/shoes, books and Tutoring.  Our long time supporter Noshaba Afzal and her husband went to visit our children in Morocco last month. Read her inspiring account here.

2) Syrian Families: Sponsor Syrian orphans and widows.  Our founder Dian Alyan went to Amman, Jordan in Dec 2018 to monitor our projects and research what other unmet needs GiveLight can fulfill. There were 16 widows and 60 orphans living in such a poor condition in an old building. We decided to move them to a new and better living condition. You can sponsor a family for $1000.

3) Mexico Children: Sponsor an orphan in Mexico. We are partnering with a trustworthy organization to support 5-10 orphans at $75/month/child immediately and grow it over time.

All sponsors are invited to join the GiveLight team for a visit this Summer/Fall.  If interested please email

Read the highlights of Dian's visit to Ranchos El Ninos in Guadalupe here!

4) GLF Homes Iftar: Sponsor a special iftaar in our of our homes.  For $60-$80 you can help us provide a nutritious iftaar in one of our homes.  The children get to choose what they want to eat and they will pray for you and yours, by name.  You can include a dua request on the memo once you make a donation.

5) Eid Clothes & Shoes: You can sponsor for $15/child.  We all love the feeling of going to pray in our new Eid clothes.  We create this magical feeling every Eid and you can be the sponsor of that happiness.

Whichever project you choose to support, know that you are supporting a cause beloved to Allah swt.  May His Light ignite our hearts and those we aim to uplift in His name.

A very blessed Ramadan to you and yours.