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Our work in Afghanistan to support orphaned children in need, started late 2009, through a partnership with a trustworthy organization called Omeid International. We currently have eleven boys, six of whom are in 9th grade and five in 8th grade.


Launch of project and progress


Our work in Kabul stemmed from a deeply seated desire to help orphaned children who were victims of the 30-year war in Afghanistan.  We knew we have to start small because of the on-going conflict and political instability there. We also understand, however, that there is a tremendous need to help children there who have been victimized by the war.  We joined forces with Omeid International, whose Afghani founders share our passion for helping orphans. We began our work by finding orphans to care for and renting a house in Kabul in March 2009.



  • Partnership with Omeid International - Jan 2009
  • House rented in Kabul and began sponsorship  - March 2009
  • Our partner moved to India and secured scholarship for our boys in a high quality school - Fall 2013
  • Kids continue to do well in school and actively pursue different interests - Current 

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givelight afghanistan children orphan dian alyanIn the fall of 2013, our partner moved to India and relocated our boys to Al-Irfan Residential School in Aurangabad, India where they all received scholarships.  They will remain there until the completion of their high school education, which in India is until 10th grade. After that, we have left it up to each boy to decide whether he would like to pursue college/university in India or return home to Afghanistan. Currently, they have all expressed a desire to remain in India to pursue higher education.


Current need

Secure monthly sponsorship of $30/month/child.


Future goal

To ensure that all our boys go all the way to college and potentially sponsor more children.

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