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Born in Takengon, Central Aceh, Indonesia, Dian Alyan has lived a richly rewarding global life as a brilliant student, world traveler and highly successful executive at Procter & Gamble. After tragically losing 40 relatives in the deadly Asia tsunami of 2004, she founded the GiveLight Foundation to create a home to and provide long term education for the orphans from this disaster. Although it started with one home in Indonesia, since day one, Dian envisioned GiveLight to be a global institution helping children in all corner of the world.


Due to her consistent high grades and excellent performance, she was able to enter one of the most prestigious Universities in Indonesia and graduated as an Engineer with a focus in Agriculture. She joined Procter & Gamble Indonesia in Brand Management right after graduation. After working for less than 2 years, she was offered an assignment in P&G USA. In her important role, she handled many of P&Gs global brands. In the course of 7 years, she worked with some of the most brilliant minds in marketing in the US and Indonesia. She hopes to apply her gained expertise and experience in P&G to grow GiveLight Foundation into a world class institution.


Dian loves to read and travel. She’s fortunate to have traveled to 47 States, and visited 4 continents. She enjoys cooking, connecting with people and learning languages of the world.  She speaks French, Arabic, Indonesian/Malay and, of course, English.  


Dian lost 40 of her relatives in the December tsunami and she was determined to rebuild Aceh by saving as many of its orphans as possible.  The first home established in Aceh, a year after the tsunami is testimony to her determination, hard-work, effort, sincerity and her can-do approach that turned a dream into a living reality.


She loves being a mother to not just her own two boys, but to hundreds of children around the world.  Read her story as featured on Huffington Post here and watch her testimony when starting GiveLight here