My GiveLight Journey

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givelight children orpans syria ilyaas arsalaA 16 year old decided to celebrate his birthday with us to help Syrian children and refugees. He raised over $12,000 and traveled close to Aleppo with the GiveLight team.  

givelight children orphans birthdayThis year for my birthday I got an extra special surprise. Planned with much love and attention to detail by my husband and daughter, it was a treat I will cherish forever.  

givelight-children-orphans-highschool-club-logoMeet Maahum Shahab. She introduced GiveLight to her high school and strives to raise awareness of for the children we support. 

givelight children orphans syria"True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose."  ~Helen Keller

We meet such beautiful donors across the world, ready and willing to give what they can for the sake of helping children. We would like to share a story from one such donor, showing how when you give, you receive in return in myriad ways.